Extra thin rolling papers to some degree can be called Transparent Rolling Papers which are also know as Clear Rolling Papers, with some brands producing papers which seem to be translucent as they are so thin. To be completely transparent you need to refer to Aleda Rolling Papers as they produced, in 2006, the first 100% cellulose clear smoking paper. Since then various other brands have come to the market with different shapes and sizes, they are reasonably easy to roll and tend to burn slow as they have no gum.

Transparent – Clear Rolling Papers, a little bit information.

To a certain degree, you could classify super-thin rolling papers as Transparent Rolling Papers as well, as some brands are manufacturing smoking papers that literally look transparent because they’re so thin and fine. Although if you want to get a look at the ‘original’ clear rolling papers that first made their way into the industry, you would be looking at Aleda Rolling Papers, these guys were the first brand to produce 100% cellulose transparent smoking papers back in 2006. A Brazilian based company, these smart fellas literally stormed into the market showing off their cellulose cigarette papers producing skills with cellulose rolling papers that were manufactured in various shapes and sizes. Their papers are made from a biodegradable film, which are also made of a non-plastic base and of vegetal origin, therefore completely chemical free. Plus, there’s no need for gum with clear cellulose rolling papers as they’ll just stick to themselves with one slick lick, which makes them burn a lot slower and evenly than what normal, paper based papers will, and are completely tasteless, so they won’t leave a foul taste in your mouth either, bonus!

If you’re wanting to buy clear smoking papers online, RPE is the place for you! Not only do we stock the original and awesome Aleda Clear Smoking Papers, but since Aleda launched their wicked and super eco-friendly brand, tons of other brands out there have taken to producing and coming into the market with their own versions of Clear Smoking Papers that you can buy right here with us, and the choices are pretty fabulous! How about giving the Trip2 Transparent King Size Papers a try, which are utterly and completely TREE FREE, and not only are they a lot more clear and way thinner than the previous papers that Trip produced, but they’re now the clearest and safest cellulose smoking cigarette papers around. These un-gummed rolling papers have been made in Brazil using a 100% cellulose film which will give you the coolest experience ever, especially if you love seeing your herb burn whilst you smoke it, plus they will really give you a clean and smooth tasting smoke, allowing you to enjoy your herbal mixture properly, without the taste of yuk papers interfering.

However, if you’re looking for a wickedly cool and completely different smoking experience then why not give these Cyclone Clear Cone Purples a try. These rad looking pre-rolled cones are also known as “The Purple Unknown” and have been made using a 100% cellulose film made from Asiatic Cotton Mallow, an utterly natural material which burns super slowly and evenly, giving you a perfectly awesome smoking experience. These purple cones have been pre-rolled, are 80mm in length, plus they’ve also been pre-roached, how much more perfect does it get than that? The tubes of these clear cellulose tubes are super strong and sturdy, so they won’t get all smashed up or damaged in their packaging. You could also go for Glass Clear Rolling Papers if you want to roll your own clear joints. Glass Clear Rolling Papers, which really are quite a funky and clear smoking paper, will give you that true transparent smoking experience that you love! Unlike any wood-fibre based paper, these cellulose papers don’t have a harsh burn to them, they actually burn a lot slower and more evenly, giving you a more clean and natural smoking encounter. The guys at Glass use a smooth and wickedly cool burning, Asiatic Cotton Mallow which is a completely natural material. Plus the fact that no gum is needed with these papers means that you’ll be getting an even more incredible smoking experience than you usually would.

Although, our personal preference in this category of clear cellulose rolling papers must be the King of all cones and cellulose blunts, the Kingpin Klear Original Blunts, which in all honesty, are the coolest alterative out there to your regular and boring old wraps and blunt wraps on the market. Kingpin Klears manufacture all of their wraps from Asiatic Cotton Mallow which burns super smoothly, plus it’s also 100% paper free and doesn’t have any gum in it. These were the first transparent blunt wraps to ever appear on the market, taking things to the next level, these guys added some flavoured clear cellulose rolling papers to their range, with flavours like Blueberry, Grape and Peach you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds – clean and extremely eco-friendly smoking with a little flavour for added fun! Sticking with their awesome ways, Kingpin Klears come with 20 pre-curled wraps, making them uber easy to roll up, plus you’ll also get a nifty ‘filling tube’ so that you can make sure that your tube is filled up properly. To make things even better, when you buy Kingpin Klear Blunts, you’ll receive them in a wicked little tube, which is quite perfect for stashing your half smoked blunts in and storing them for a later ‘smoke sesh’, and it has a reseal-able lid, so it will keep your blunts super fresh for a good amount of time!

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