With increasing damage to the world’s forests Organic Cigarette Papers are becoming more popular as they reach a larger world-wide audience. The benefits of manufacturing organic papers are – Using hemp paper, which is chlorine free and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner, using no harsh pesticides or toxic fertilizers. The papers themselves are their natural colour, which is brown, or tan coloured. The paper itself is cleaner to burn and burns a lot slower than traditional rice paper. Suitable for vegans RAW Rolling Papers have led the way to producing 100% additive free organic smoking papers over the last decade. OCB also do a range of organic papers as well as using recycled cardboard for their packaging and use vegetable inks for their printed packaging.

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With global warming on fire, hard core damage to the world’s forests and people worldwide wanting to take a stand to making more products organic and eco-friendly, it goes without saying that the planets rollers and smokers would expect the same from their rolling papers, and with some high quality Organic Cigarette Papers being produced and becoming ever-so popular as they reach a larger world-wide audience, RPE has made sure that there’s a huge and varied selection of organic rolling papers for you to choose from, right here. The benefits and advantages of manufacturing organic papers are endless! By using hemp based paper, which is completely chlorine free and produced in the most eco-friendly way possible, and by using no hard core pesticides, toxic fertilizers or nasty chemicals, you’ll be getting a 100% natural paper, which will look exactly what it should look like, a super natural tan coloured, organic rolling paper which is of a higher quality and standard than normal smoking papers. These organic rolling papers also burn a lot slower and a lot more evenly than what rice paper and ordinary rolling paper does.

Some of the most popular and most in demand organic smoking papers available on the market at the moment, is the epically awesome range of 100% addictive-free, unbleached, vegan-friendly, organic smoking papers from RAW Rolling Papers! These guys have skyrocketed into the industry over the last 10 years, producing some of the most legendary organic rolling papers yet, and have definitely led the way into to producing 100% organic smoking papers, RAW (the company itself) also has its own charity that helps supply water and food to various schools and communities all over Africa, so these guys really are all about improving the planet, and giving back instead of taking, so if you’re looking to support a brand that’s all about eco-friendly everything, RAW is the range you want to go for. They produce everything from King Sized Slims, to Pre-Rolled Cones and even Organic Blunt Papers and Organic tips. Probably their most epic product at the moment is the RAW Pre Rolled Cones Rawket Pack, which is a legendary packet of 5 different sized cones all in one. This pack would be the perfect gift for an avid blunt smoker, with one 1 ¼, Raw Cone, 1 Raw Cone King Size, 1 Raw Cone Party Size, 1 Raw Cone Emperador (122mm) and 1 Raw Cone GIGA (192mm), you’ll be getting to experience the best of ALL worlds. So if you’re looking for the ideal gift for your better half, and she loves to smoke as much as you do, get her a pack of these, but don’t forget, woman love anything that shines and smells good, so throw in a massive bunch of roses while you’re at it.

OCB have also brought out a range of OCB organic hemp rolling papers, which have been manufactured using a natural and unbleached organic hemp paper, they also only use recycled packaging for their organic rolling papers packets, and everything that’s been printed onto their packs, have been printed with eco-friendly vegetable inks, as well as every single leaf has a special watermark on it. These papers are super thin, lightweight, easy to roll up your favourite herbs in, plus they burn real easy and slow, giving you a 100% natural smoking experience! The gum used for these OCB rolling papers has been extracted from east Africa and is made from an Arabic Natural Gum, also making it 100% vegetarian as well as organic.

You could also go for a KUSH King Size Slim Organic Hemp Paper Pack, which have also been made from organically eco-hemp, will burn evenly and slowly, thanks to the smart watermark that they’ve imprinted on to every single leaf. These KUSH organic hemp rolling papers have also been pre-creased making it easy for you to fill up your papers with the herbal mixture of your choice and roll up a fatty. You’re guaranteed to have a super organic and natural smoking experience with these Kush organic cigarette rolling papers.

Mascotte Organic Single Wide Rolling Papers are also a wicked range of super organic and vegan friendly rolling papers, which are actually a fairly new addition to the Mascotte rolling paper range, and are of course completely natural, unbleached and are on a uber premium level when it comes to organic rolling papers. Obviously made using pure hemp, these papers give off a very distinctive natural look. With all the packaging and the papers using organic fibres from certified hemp plants, you can rest assured that you’ll have a natural and very organic smoking session.

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