Hemp Rolling Papers are becoming more popular with smokers who like to roll their own cigarettes, as natural products become more of an concern with smokers. Growing hemp is more ecologically friendly as it needs no pesticides and is more environmentally friendly which for many smokers is becoming an important issue. With Hemp Rolling Papers you get less taste if any from the paper, giving you a cleaner organic flavour when burning. Because hemp paper is thicker than traditional papers it is easier to roll with and tends to burn a lot slower. Pure Hemp papers contain no chemical additives and only use 100% organic natural gum. Various companies offer hemp smoking papers including Pure Hemp.

Hemp, the natural way to roll….

OK, who isn’t worried about the environment and what we’re doing to destroy it every day, right? So there’s no big surprise that smokers and rollers all over the planet are opting to roll their own cigarettes and blunts nowadays, and not only are they wanting to roll their own smokes, they’re wanting to roll their blunts with natural products, rolling papers that are not being produced in a manner that will harm the earth and its environment, and because growing hemp is way more ecologically friendly, hemp papers are the best way to go! Firstly it doesn’t need any pesticides when being grown, plus hemp is a weed, it’s going to grow like a weed, in abundance and much faster than trees grow, and who wants to be chopping down trees in this day and age! One of the best benefits of smoking a hemp based paper is that in the long run its way more healthy for you than what smoking, bleached and chlorine based papers are! You’ll be getting a much cleaner and more organic smoke when you use hemp papers for your blunts and cigarettes, as there’s none of those gross chemical and bleach based products in them, and most of these hemp papers use a completely natural and organic gum as well, so you’ll experience a much smoother and slower burn when you smoke with hemp papers.

One more point we need to make clear, if you’ve ever worried about what hemp rolling papers would do to a drug test, if you ever needed to take one, don’t stress! The THC that is in a hemp based rolling paper is absolutely miniscule compared to that of say, a full blown, purple haze joint, and if for some reason it does pop up on a blood test, it would show as a hemp based product and not as the illegal (in some states) cannabis, so there’s no need to worry about any of that guys and gals! With so many people in the world concerned about the environment and keeping things ecologically friendly, it’s no wonder that there’s such a huge selection of hemp papers being produced by various brands and companies, and the bonus is that you can buy all your hemp rolling papers right here at RPE online! So let’s have a look at some of the best hemp rolling papers and which ones you should go for first, of course you have the option of buying one of each brand and giving them all a go, and with selections like the Rizla Natura Hemp Regular Rolling Papers, to Bob Marley Hemp Regular Paper’s and of course Raw Classic Unbleached Smoking Regular 125 Papers you won’t be lost for options, and these are only the tip of the crop, we stock over 15 different types of Hemp based rolling papers here at RPE, so take your pick!

One of our personal favourites is by far, the Pure Hemp UNBLEACHED King Sized Smoking Papers which is an unbleached version of the famous Pure Hemp brand. These rad papers have obviously been made using 100% natural hemp based products, plus they use a natural gum in their papers and because it’s unbleached it means that you’ll be smoking a chemical-free paper that’s not going to leave an after taste in your mouth, and will burn perfectly even. Although if you’re looking for an ever more pure and superior brand of hemp rolling papers, why not go for the ultimate kings of raw and natural papers, and get yourself some RAW Connoisseur King Sized Smoking Papers & Tips, these papers are in a completely different range of awesome than any other hemp paper out there! RAW is renowned for their ridiculously pure and awesome hemp papers, which are unbleached, chlorine and chemical-free and even vegan, so for all you die hard vegans out there, now you too can light one up, without worrying about your Rastafarian beliefs getting jeopardised! Raw Papers are the Hybrid of Hemp Papers on the market in our opinion, but of course there are tons of other options to choose from!

Like these wicked Cannabis Hemp Flavoured Rolling Papers which have not only been made from pure organic hemp paper, but have also been scented with some of the best herby cannabis flavours, so that you have a super enhanced and almost tangy flavour to your already awesome smoking session. Plus all of these Cannabis Hemp 1 ¼ papers have been imprinted with a super funky looking cannabis leaf on the actual papers, which matches the art work on the box as well, which has also been made from recyclable materials! You don’t get much more hemp and eco-friendly than that!

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