To gain extra flavour from your tobacco why not try flavoured cigarette rolling papers, as with your your traditional papers, flavoured papers come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and are packed full of flavour. The first flavour paper was brought out by RIZLA when they introduced liquorice smoking papers which became an instant success and are still sold to this day.

One of the most popular brands is Juicy Jay’s flavoured rolling papers which use a proprietary Triple- Dipped Flavouring System to pack the flavours in, the papers are manufactured in Spain using only 100% natural ingredients which are soy based inks and natural sugar glue which give the user a very strong smell and taste of whatever flavour they have chosen.

Some of the flavours are Jamaican Rum, Blueberry, Green Apple to name but a few.

RIPS® Smoking Papers have a range of flavoured papers on rolls which are an incredible 4 metres in length, each individual pack is sealed to keep in all the flavours of your choice and you can create your own size flavoured “rollie” using flavours such as Coconut, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla and many other delicious flavours.

Looking at Flavoured Cigarette Rolling Papers

So if you’re getting a little bored of smoking the same old, same old, day in and day out, why not add a little flavour to your tobacco or herbal mixture with some flavoured cigarette rolling papers. This wicked cool idea was first invented by Rizla, when they launched their liquorice flavoured smoking papers way-back-when, which was an instant hit with rollers worldwide, and became a raving success, these deliciously flavoured rolling papers are still sold today! Rizla’s entry into the flavoured smoking papers ‘world’ was just the start of a major industry boost, as nowadays flavoured rolling papers for sale all over the place, and with a massive selection of flavours to choose from, not just liquorice! Plus you can get flavoured rolling papers in all kinds of formats now too, with choices like flavoured pre-rolled blunts, flavoured blunt papers, flavoured paper rolls and King Size Flavoured Rolling Papers, you now have an awesomely diverse selection of flavoured papers to choose from.

Here at RPE, we want to make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be getting so let’s talk about the best flavoured rolling papers available on the market, where to buy flavoured rolling papers, and do flavoured rolling papers work in a way that you’ll be getting more flavour than normal? So what flavoured rolling papers are for sale, and which flavoured smoking paper should I choose, well with everything from Jamaican Rum to Green Apple you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store, picking out his favourite treat! One of the most popular brands at RPE are the Juicy Jay’s Flavoured Rolling Papers which have been made using a super cool technique where they use a proprietary triple-dipped flavouring system to pack in all the flavours, and with these yummilicious papers being manufactured in Spain, they only use 100% natural ingredients for their flavours. Juicy Jays use soy based inks and a natural sugar glue which will give you a super authentic tasting flavour as well as a perfectly strong smell of whichever flavour you chose. Our personal favourite from this range are definitely the Juicy Jays ¼ Absinthe Flavoured Rolling Papers which gives you a very distinct and perfectly intoxicating flavour of the naughty and wild green drink, plus theses papers are printed with the green little fairy on them, super cool for wild late nights out. Another big hot from this range is the Juicy Jays Jamaican Rum Flavoured Rolling Papers which have a sweet and boozy rum flavour to them which is bound to make you feel like a Pirate when you roll up a fatty with them, perfect party rolling papers! You can buy all these amazingly flavoured rolling papers from RPE, and if you’re looking for something a little bit different and “out there” why not try out these radically awesome RIPS Smoking Rolls which come in a range of delicious flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla and Cherry! The best thing about these roll is that they’re literally 4 metres long and have been sealed properly to keep in all the flavour, plus you get to choose the size of the paper that you want to use to roll up your joint, how much more perfect does it get than that?

Now for the big question that everyone always wants to know – do flavoured cigarette rolling papers work, and do you actually taste the flavour throughout the entire smoking experience? Well, let’s be honest, if you’re rolling up some hard core pipe tobacco in a light crisp apple flavoured rolling paper, the apple may not be as strong as the Cuban tobacco you’ve decided to roll up in it! That being said though, we really do love the taste and smell that we get from using a flavoured rolling paper with a good herbal mixture or lighter tobacco mix. Smoking with flavoured rolling papers is almost like a journey of taste that you go on, you’ll instantly get the taste of the flavoured rolling paper when you open the pack, and even more so when you lick the gum to close up your joint. Whilst you puff on your flavoured paper joint you’ll definitely get a strong smell of the banana, rum or cherry flavoured paper that you’ve chosen to smoke with and the flavoured with, and the flavours will dance around in your mouth, infused with the taste of whatever mixture you’ve added into your rollie, so to answer the big question, yes, flavoured rolling papers do ‘work’ and give you a pleasant and appetising taste of whichever flavour you’ve chosen to smoke with, so sit back, chillax and roll up a fatty with your favourite flavours, all available, right here, at RPE!

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