Wraps were first discovered in 1492 by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. They were originally smoked by native Indians in Cuba, who used raw twisted leaves of cured tobacco wrapped in dried corn husks to create their cigars (known locally as Havanas). However they were not commonly known until the 1800’s when they become popular within the town of Tabacalera in Spain but due to the high prices of tobacco at the time smoking was a luxury only available to the wealthy folks of the world. The original Blunt cigars then started to be manufactured in Philadelphia USA, using a single tobacco leaf to create a wrap which was unique at the time. Using the single leaf of tobacco would make the end taper and appear rounded and hence the name ‘Blunts’ came from this round and broad tip.

The word ‘blunt’ was used to differentiate them from other cigars that were available, which had a pointed tip and did not use one single tobacco leaf. Then during the 1970s a new manner of producing cigars was invented know as ‘spiral binding’. This method means that the blunt could be produced with a continuous spiral wrap. The benefit of the ‘spiral binding’ is that the spiral wrap can overlap slightly and provides a better seal compared to a single leaf product which can not be overlapped. Blunts have become so popular over recent years that brands have even started to add flavouring to Tobacco leaf to add a new and exciting twist to the product. Some of the most popular flavours include: Strawberry, chocolate and Mojito. Juicy Jays make flavoured blunt wraps so you can roll your own. Cyclones Blunts are pre-rolled blunt cones which you fill yourself.

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