All rolling papers that are available have base materials that underline the manufacturing process; there are now several different Cigarette Rolling Paper Materials being made into rolling papers today.

Hemp rolling paper comes from the hemp plant itself, the fibre of the plant is made into a hemp pulp which in turn is then used to make the paper. Hemp pulp is not cheap to make, on average it can be 500% more expensive than wood pulp, this is probably why most smoking papers are not made from hemp.

Pure Hemp rolling paper tends to be thicker than average rolling papers but mixed with Flax the paper can be made ultra thin. Flax rolling paper is made in a similar way to Hemp, both being plants that are expensive to manufacture and both using the fibre from the plant to create a pulp, the Flax pulp then being made into Flax rolling papers.

A number of brands offer Hemp and Flax as a mixture of both in their papers including OCB as well as Flax papers themselves. Rice based rolling paper is very popular among all brands of smoking papers, relatively a simple process to make, you need to process the rice itself and then using a machines press the rice into thin sheets.

The big advantage with rice paper is you can make very thin rolling papers, in fact Smoking Papers offer ultra-thin smoking papers that are nearly translucent and they tend to burn a lot slower. Wood pulp rolling paper is used more often than any other paper, most cigarettes are made from wood pulp paper.

The natural colour of wood pulp rolling papers is a light tan colour, but they will burn slight quicker than average papers. Zig Zags offer a range of Wood Pulp & Flax which are very popular in the USA.

Growing in popularity is the use of Chlorine Free, Unbleached natural vegan smoking papers which as a result have the natural brown colour, no added chemicals and use natural hemp base glues, RAW is the leader with-in this market. Last, but not least is a rolling paper which was available to buy from 2006, the first paper of its kind to be completely transparent.

Transparent rolling papers are made primarily from natural plant cellulose but do contain a small amount of glycerine and water. It has no gum so just lick as usual and it seals itself, has no taste and is also biodegradable and is available from Aleda.

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