Rolling Trays make RYO so convenient and tidy, allowing you to keep all your rolling supplies close at hand while catching all those loose bits of tobacco that can fall out when rolling. It is then so easy to scrape together all the loose tobacco so that you can use it in your next roll up or put it back in your pouch. Our collection of Rolling trays differ from our range of wooden storage and rolling boxes as they have no lid or locking mechanism, they are open trays where you can keep all your supplies ready for rolling. Our range of wooden rolling trays are available in various sizes with numerous combinations and are made from pine, golden maple, bamboo and birch. No more mess on your coffee table, work desk, everything stays on the rolling tray making it quick and easy to put away. You can also buy a range of rolling tray gift sets that we have put together with the best quality rolling papers and rolling machines. RPE has brands such as RAW, Elements, Cookies, Wolf, Wiz and Black Leaf.

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