Tubes are a great way of saving money and rolling your own cigarettes. Cigarette tubes are used primarily with a cigarette filling machine which we also sell from all reputable brands. The empty tubes are the same as a standard or super king cigarette you would buy in a shop, the difference being they are completely empty and don’t contain any tobacco. By being able to roll your own cigarettes you know exactly what quality tobacco you are using, as well as making huge savings compared to buying a packet of cigarettes at your local shop. At RPE we sell menthol cigarette tubes, black cigarette tubes and coloured tubes as well non flavoured and full flavoured tubes, plus you can also choose different filter lengths to suit your own personal needs. You can buy the blank tubes in 100’s, 250’s and 300’s per carton as well as the super king cigarette tubes of 100mm, ultra slims of 80mm and the king size tubes of 84mm in length. If you are looking to save money we sell cigarette tubes in bulk with our multiple buy offers and ship all orders for next day delivery.

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