Do you find that you always buy the same rolling paper? Why not buy one of our specially complied Rolling Paper Sampler Packs. They allow you to try a range of different types of rolling papers; for example if you smoke Raw Kingsize Papers because you enjoy smoking hemp papers, and why not they are a fantastic rolling paper, did you know that RAW also have an organic hemp paper and Smoking Brand do an awesome unbleached hemp paper? Buy one of our Hemp Sampler Packs and you get to try the very best hemp rolling papers from the ever popular brands to original brands such as Skunk Brand.

Our large collection of Sampler Packs offer something for everyone; from packs of our top 10 Kingsize Papers to Packs of the very best Blunt Wraps. We have even put together sampler packs of our personal favourites as we are fortunate enough to try all the papers out! Some of our notable Sampler packs are the Super Slim Kingsize Sampler Pack which includes rolling papers with a width smaller then 44mm (Slim Size) this pack is great if you prefer to roll thinner cigarettes or like to use less paper. Our Cone Pack includes all the best of our pre-rolled cones and is a great pack to take to a party. Explore our full range of Sampler Packs and find your next favourite rolling paper.

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