King Size Rolling Papers come in two variants, Kingsize and Kingsize slims. The difference being between the two is length and width. The slims are around 110mm in length and 44mm in width while the Kingsize is shorter at 100mm in length and 53mm in width, although the sizes can and do vary slightly depending on what brand of paper you choose. Kingsize papers tend to be thicker, although different brands do manufacture thin Kingsize smoking papers. OCB offer a premium range of Kingsize slims which are extremely popular while RAW offer creaseless kingsize papers made from hemp, other brands offer varying degrees of thicknesses and materials, such as flax and rice paper.

Moving on up to King Size Rolling Papers

Deciding what size paper to smoke and roll up with, can seem daunting to a first time roller and smoker, but in all honestly it’s not that much a of a mission, and in our opinion, you need to just give them all a try and see what works best for you, although here at RPE, we’re all huge fans of the King Sized Smoking Papers. King Size Rolling Papers usually come in two different variations, obviously King Size Papers and King Size Slim Papers. The difference between these two papers isn’t a major one and is mostly just in the width and length of the rolling paper. King Size Smoking Papers are usually sized at 100mm in length and 53mm in width, making them wider, but shorter than King Size Slims, which are only 44mm in width but 110mm in length giving them a much slimmer look and feel than the regular King Size Smoking Papers. Commonly these are the sizes that these two are made in, although some brands will often manufacture different sizes, in accordance to their taste and brand ‘style’ so if you’re looking to get very specific, it’s usually best to give them all a try and figure out which one you love smoking with!

There are so many different papers available on the market right now, and most brands like to add their own unique touch to their smoking papers, like with RAW, they offer a creaseless King Size Rolling Paper which is made from pure hemp and completely unbleached, whereas Elements offers a King Size Ultra Rolling Paper which is made from rice paper that has been pressed, which is also ultra-thin! So ultimately the choice will need to be a personal preference one, although we can offer a massive magnitude of advice on this, making life just a little easier for you, after all, we are the rolling paper experts aren’t we? So here’s a basic breakdown of some of our most favoured and best loved smoking tobacco rolling papers, more specifically king sized smoking papers! So if you’re looking to buy cigarette papers or buy rolling papers, keep reading! We’ve listed three of the best and most swag-worthy king size smoking papers available at the moment, these really are our personal favourites, but of course you’ll eventually build your own list of fav’s, although we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have at least one of these on that list!

First up are these Elements King Size Ultra Rolling Papers, which have been crafted using pure rice paper, which these guys then press into ultra-thin king sized rolling papers, which ultimately creates a pretty slow burning paper. These Elements King Size Ultra Papers burn super smoothly, and produce no ash, except for the caramel which is created from the sugar gum as it burns, so these smoking tobacco rolling papers are pretty rad, and great if you hate an ashy mess. We would say they’re classified as “Semi – Slims” as they size in at 110×53 mm, so 50% Regular King Sized and 50% King Slim Sized. These packs of pure rice paper, king sized rolling papers, contain 33 leaves in them, and the best part is that you can buy them in boxes of 50 packs per box, so you never run out of papers again!

Next up, and these are probably the most smoked rolling papers in our office right now, are these Raw Connoisseur King Size Smoking Papers & Tips which have been made from pure hemp paper and are utterly unbleached, chlorine-free and vegan! With all those hippie elements in one rolling paper, there’s no surprise that the natural light brown colour of this smoking paper is favoured by everyone that smokes it. The creator of these papers, Josh Kesselman, has a specialised watermark imprinted on them which makes it burn perfectly, perfectly even, never disappointing you with a side burn! The gum line on these papers is also made from a hemp based gum, which is unlike any other king size rolling paper on the market at the moment and really gives you the purest, cleanest an most natural tasting smoke you’ll ever experience, once you go RAW you’ll never go back! Oh, and for added awesomeness these packs contain not only 32 king size rolling papers, but also have a stack of connoisseur tips so you can make yourself some roaches without ruining your packet, don’t you love that? We do!

OK, seriously, who’s not going to love whipping out a pack of jammin’ looking Bob Marley King Size Hemp Smoking Papers, which of course have been made using pure hemp fibres that are guaranteed to give you a slow and long burn. We would recommend buying a whole box of these, that way you’ll be able to have all 15 different prints of Bob Marley images which are on the front of the packs, plus these irie packets also have 10 various quotes printed on them from all of Bob’s legendary songs! Dude, with quotes like “Open your eyes and look within, are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” and “If you know what life is worth, you would look for yours on Earth.” These papers will give you more than just a smooth smoking experience, but they’ll also give you a couple of pure moments to reflect on.

So whether you choose to smoke your herb using pure rice paper, or if you’d rather roll one up with some king size hemp rolling papers and Bob Marley quotes to read along to, the choice is yours, just make sure that you get yourself a box of wicked cool, king size cigarette rolling papers from our massive range of King Size Rolling Papers!

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