This type of rolling paper which has 2 cut corners is not new to the smoking world. Cut Corners Rolling Papers (or KUT Corner Rolling paper if you live in the USA) are as popular as ever. A regular question we hear “why do rolling papers have cut corners?” There is technically not one answer but two to this question. Cut corner papers have been around since the 1800’s and came about to help smokers who were blind and unable to roll for themselves. By having one of the paper corners cut off the blind roller would know what side of the gum is on, enabling them to lick, roll and light up without being helped. Another big advantage for all roll your own smokers is the cut corners make tucking the rolling paper in while rolling a lot easier, hence why they still remain a popular choice today with many of the major brands having a cut corner papers with-in their ranges. In a nut-shell Cut Corner Smoking Papers are extremely easy to roll with.

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