Wiz Khalifa the musical artist from the USA has collaborated with Raw rolling papers to bring out a range of Wiz Khalifa rolling papers. Raw have been well known with the smoking industry for high quality papers, and now with Wiz’s new signature packaging the new smoking papers are becoming very popular, not just with Wiz’s fans. As with Raw all the papers are natural, unbleached and have a brown paleish look to them. They also have a range of cones which also use natural unbleached paper and are available in 3 or 6 packets. The packaging is neat and tidy, it certainly stands out from the crowd. A big added bonus is you get a poker with-in the packs of papers, something Wiz insisted on and Raw managed to oblige, the search has finally ended!

Wiz Khalifa said at the launch of his new venture, “I’m really excited to have my own line of papers with RAW®. I’ve been using the product for years and it only felt right to make this happen with them.”

Rolling Up with Wiz Khalifa……

Wiz Khalifa has officially launched his own brand of Rolling Papers and Smoking Papers with the help of RAW Smoking Papers, which includes a variety of different sized rolling papers, pre-rolled cones and smoking tips. This brilliant marriage of two of the planet’s most epic brands is taking the smoking and rolling paper world by storm, and has already built up a massive fan base of buyers, smokers and rollers who are loving the Wiz Khalifa Smoking Papers brand! Not only because they have the Wiz Khalifa and RAW name on them but because these really are high quality rolling papers that are not going to leave you disappointed!

Back in May of this year Wiz Khalifa announced the launch of his new album titled Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album, which will be the sequel to his label debut album Rolling Papers, which was originally released back in 2011. This major announcement of course had fans going crazy worldwide, especially since the release of the RAW Wiz Khalifa Smoking Papers took place in June, exactly a month after the announcement of his new epic album launch! The hip hop and rap superstar, has very often, and very publically, openly admitted to being a daily marijuana smoker and for years now, he’s been using RAW Smoking Papers to roll his herb in, very obviously, this guy knows all about proper high quality rolling papers, and won’t be caught smoking his blunts using over-bleached papers that burn unevenly and just end up leaving you irritated with the fact that you’re wasting your herb in a rolling paper that doesn’t burn properly. So there’s no surprise that RAW and Wiz Khalifa’s collaboration is the perfect union. Creating high quality Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers that can be used to roll up your favourite herb and tobaccos was a dream of both Wiz and RAW’s CEO Josh Kesselman.

Wiz Khalifa King Size Rolling Papers really are an off the chain product, and why wouldn’t they be? Produced and manufactured by the legendary RAW brand which are renowned for shooting out, top of the shelf, high quality hemp rolling papers that burn evenly, are unbleached, chemical and chlorine free and are even completely vegan, you don’t get much more pure than that! Fans of both Wiz Khalifa and RAW are adoring the fact that they can buy Wiz Khalifa King Size Rolling Papers, Original Wiz Khalifa Cigarette Rolling Papers and even Wiz Khalifa Cones that have been branded with the hip hop maestro’s signature on the wickedly cool red and black packaging. Now, who wouldn’t love pulling out a high quality smoking paper from one of these Wiz Khalifa packs and rolling up a fatty with a natural unbleached smoking paper? We sure do!

We’re sure you must be wondering “Where can I buy Wiz Khalifa King Size Rolling Papers?” Well, today’s your lucky day because you can buy these wickedly awesome Wiz Khalifa’s Papers right here online at rollingpaperexpress.com! We stock all Wiz Rolling papers, from the king sizes to the ‘slims’, to the cones, to the tips, whichever Wiz Khalifa Smoking Paper you want, we’ve got it! Wiz Khalifa Rolling Paper packs include a specialised and one of a kind pack that comes with a packing stick to make sure your herb is properly pack into your cone or rolled up blunt, plus a little fold out tray for you to mix up your herbs on!

So if this is the first time you’re hearing about these ridiculously Wiz Khalifa Smoking Papers you better get ordering mate! If you’re looking at trying out the best of this brand we highly recommend getting the two most preferred packs of the Wiz Khalifa range. The Wiz Khalifa Raw Connoisseur King Size Slim And Tips and the Wiz Khalifa Raw Loud Pack – 1 1/4 Papers And Tips.

These are our favourite and have been flying off the shelves like hot cakes, so we recommend buying a few packs, because you’re going to love them, and the last thing you want, is to run out of papers when you need them the most. The classic but epic Wiz Khalifa Slim King Size Rolling Papers pack comes with a nifty little packing stick, plus a built in stack of tips that you can roll into perfect roaches! So you don’t need to be struggling with your herb mixture, instead, sit back relax and enjoy your perfectly rolled joint. Our next favourite is probably the neatest product in this range! We love is mostly because it’s really a perfect all-in-one pack of smoking heaven! The Wiz Khalifa RAW Loud Pack 1 ¼ Papers and Tips is so much more than just another regular 1 ¼ paper, because each pack is fitted with 50 rolling papers, roach tips and the pack itself fold out into a little sorting tray, so you could be at home in a room full of friends, s=with no space on the table to roll, or at an outdoor Wiz Concert, people all over the place and nowhere to roll, don’t despair! You can roll anywhere with this pack, it’s really the best product you’ll but in the Wiz Khalifa range of Smoking Papers!

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