Smoking papers have evolved since the heady days when RIZLA and OCB were manufacturing and distributing this unique way of smoking a cigarette.

To try and define what unique rolling papers are we need to get away from what we think is the standard classic papers of old, a good example being a Kingsize paper or a 1¼ rolling paper. The papers of today have to some degree had a slight twist added to them which we can then define as unique.

Randy’s do a version of wire paper where one side down the width of the paper is a wire, this makes for easy rolling and offers the user something different that he or she cannot buy from another rolling paper brand.

In recent times RIPS® Rolling Papers introduced a “paper on a roll”, essentially you can rip off what you require as the desired length and create your own size cigarette, other brands such as EZ Rolls and Elements have created their own versions. Highland Smoking Papers came up with the novel idea of combining the papers and tips in an all in one packaging as well as adding colourful picture scenes of Zodiac signs and the very legendary police woman getting naked.

Over the last decade flavoured papers have become more fashionable and with wonderful flavours such as strawberry or brandy to smoke. A very unique concept is Pre-Rolled Cones which come packaged and as the name suggests “pre-rolled” with a tip at the end.

One of the more popular unique papers to come to the market in the last several years for the eco conscious consumer are unbleached and chlorine free rolling papers which offers the user the natural brown or tan paper unlike the traditional papers which tend to be white as chemicals or additives are added, companies such as RAW and Greengo sell various versions of sizes and use different materials.

One of the unique rolling papers that have gone to market is the transparent rolling paper.

These papers are made from 100% cellulose film and are biodegradable. Aleda Rolling Papers were the first company to manufacture and sell these types of papers, there are now several other brands which sell similar transparent papers.

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