The Iconic US Rapper Snoop Dogg has launched his very own rolling papers. He has also released a book called Rolling Words which contains lyrics from his most popular songs. Being Snoop Dogg he didn’t stop there you can smoke the book too!! The outer cover of the Snoop Dogg book is made from hemp and each book comes with a stash of rolling papers.

Love him or hate him, Snoop Dogg is one, pretty darned famous and uber talented rapper, hip hop artist and is also very much a public smoker, who loves nothing more than to roll up a splif on stage and enjoy his herb with the crowd, so it’s no wonder that the hip hop and rapping legend decided to bring out his own range of Snoop Dogg Rolling Papers, which he released back in 2012. Not only did Snoop bring out an epic range of smoking papers and pre-rolled cones, he took things a little bit higher and released a book called Rolling Words which contains all the lyrics of his most popular songs on the thin pages of this wicked book. Being the creative genius that Snoop Dogg is, he decided that he wanted to give back a little to his fans, so not only would this book be made with hemp materials, but the thin pages of the book which have all the lyrics to songs like ‘Smoke Weed Everyday’, ‘Gin and Juice’ and ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ but you’re totally able to tear pages out of the book, roll them with some decent herb mixtures and smoke them! Yes you read that right, you can smoke up Snoop Dogg’s lyrics! Plus, he even featured a match strike on the bind of the book, so you’ll never need to ask for a light again. Convenient right?

So if you’re a huge fan of Snoop Dogg, and would love to roll up a fatty with some Snoop Dogg Smoking Papers, you really should try out his latest release of Snoop Dogg King Size Slim Smoking Papers which have been manufactured with unbleached paper, giving you a smoother and more durable burn, ultimately making your smoking session a happy and very Snoop orientated one! You’ll love the packaging on these Snoop Dogg Papers, which come featured with an epic image of the rapper’s face watermarked with the iconic red, yellow and green Rasta colours. This is a pack of rolling papers that you’re going to love whipping out in front of your mates, and with 32 leaves per pack, you’ll be able to roll up a Snoop Dogg splif pretty often!

You could also get yourself some funky and way-cool, Snoop Dogg King Size Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones which are selling like hot cakes at the moment, most likely because of the ease and simplicity of being able to just fill it up with some tobacco and light it up! These king sized Snoop Dogg pre-rolled cones are the ultimate gift for a friend who loves the music of this US rapper and also loves to smoke the herb, after all you should always give a Dogg a pre-rolled cone, especially if it’s his birthday, man! These cones come packaged in a nifty little pack with the rapping legends face printing on the packaging, and three, pre-rolled, unbleached and pre-roached cones, you’ll have more time to sit back, relax and savour the natural flavours of your blunt, instead of having to fuss with rolling up.

However, if you’re looking for a more personalised gift for yourself and you want some high quality pre-rolled Snoop Dogg Blunts, then you need to get your hands on some awesome Snoop Dogg 125 Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones, which really are the most wicked looking pre-rolled blunts you could buy from the Snoop Dogg range of smoking Papers. These 125 sized pre-rolled cones are unbleached, which is going to provide you with a much smoother, cleaner and more natural tasting smoking session than if you’re using normal tree based papers – besides who smokes tree based papers nowadays anyways?! Packaged in a radical looking cone pack, you’ll get three perfectly rolled up cones, ready and eager to be filled up with your favourite herby mixture or tobacco!

So if you’re a massive fan of the sometimes crazy, but ever-chilled rapping legend, we’ve made life a little easier and more convenient for you, because now you buy Snoop Dogg Smoking Papers right here on RPE, and they’ll get delivered straight to your door. You’ll be bragging for weeks to your mates about your awesomely, smooth-smoking, Snoop Dogg Rolling Papers.

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