Welcome to the world of the slow moving, rather chilled out Snail Rolling Papers. Snail rolling papers are made in Europe and only use cellulose which is extracted from vegetable fibres of textile and wooden origin. Specializing since the early 1990’s in be-spoked papers for various companies around the globe, Snail decided to designs and sell their own range of smoking papers. There ranges are very colourful, funky and great designs on their packaging. From the legendary Jimi Hendrix, the marxist revolutionary Che Guevara to warriors and skulls, the range of designs is huge and growing. In total there are over 500 designs which have been let loose on the public and RPE carries most of them. The papers themselves are of high quality, ultra thin and burn evenly as they go down. Great for giving out to your friends and for gifts. Snail, slowly but surely leading the way in the rolling papers world.

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