The Brand ‘Skunk’ dates back to 1994, when they launched their first product – RASS Skunk in the USA, which was famous for having the known character Stinky printed onto the paper. However shortly after Skunk removed the beloved character from their papers and started to use a more natural plain hemp paper and the hemp brand was born. Then during 1997 Stinky the Skunk was renamed Sneaky (who likes being called Stinky?) The brand name of Skunk came about due to a personal experience by its creator Orion, who was a big fan of smoking but always found himself shunned by friends who would always tell him that he “stinks like a skunk”. But being the keen smoker he was, he was happy and proud to say “If Smoking makes me smell like a Skunk, I’m going to be one Stinky Skunk” Since the birth of Skunk, and their Stinky/Sneaky character, they have become so famous they have even launched a clothing range!

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