Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your smoker buddy, or are just wanting to spoil yourself with something that’s super luxurious and unique, either way, you need to get yourself some of these radical 24carat Gold Rolling Papers from Shine! Yea, that’s no typing error, we meant to write 24carat Gold! These golden, shiny, rolling papers are extravagantly deluxe, and will have you smoking in style, making your friends and enemies green with envy! These wicked rolling papers are dripping in Gold, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they have already made a bang into the music industry, with rapper 2 Chainz, hip-hop artist Tyga and trendsetter Miley Cyrus, all making big statements and promoting these Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers!

The best part about these ritzy and posh 24k Gold Rolling Papers is how super smoothly and evenly they burn, and with each ash into your ashtray they’ll leave little treasures of golden gems. These truly are a sight to be seen, and a must have to keep in your stash for those special occasions, when you need to roll up and light up with a little gold, and the fact that these 24k Gold Rolling Papers are actually affordable for us normal peeps is pretty awesome!!

We also now offer four new products from Shine including Shine Gold Rolls 69 Smart Filter Tips which are a great edition to the gold smoking range. If you love your cones Shine have their new Shine Gold Cone which is made from 100% gold edible leaft, plus comes in a smart tube so you can carry it around in your pocket. Love blunt wraps, then try the Gold Blunt Wraps which are available in a pack of two. Lastly, we have the Shine Tattooed Blunts™ – The Benjamins which have been designed with a $100 bill printed onto the tobacco blunt with edible ink, a real party show stopper!

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