For all the old school roller’s out there Bambu rolling papers have been around since the infamous Freak Brothers, Freddy’s cat and crew. Bambu has a colourful history; the first papers came out from their factory in Spain in 1764 but not rolling papers. Bambu Papers – Not Bamboo as in the tall grass we know – started out as a bible printer but soon moved over to producing the finest papers in Europe, and since then Bambu smoking papers are readily available in most countries. Bambu papers use only natural gum, which is sourced from the African Acacia tree, insuring no additives or chemicals are used. Big Bambú was launched as the second album for the Cheech & Chong band, elevating the papers in the USA to new heights. Even the vinyl cover is a replica of the Bambu packing. High quality papers, great packaging and papers that stick every time!

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