Rolling Papers can be dated as far back as the 15th century but it wasn’t till the 19th century that Cigarette Rolling Paper Brands began to make a real impact. Probably the most famous is RIZLA who manufactured their first paper back in 1867 and over the next 150 years become the biggest selling rolling paper in the world. To this day many smokers still refer to Rizla as the general word for smoking or rolling papers.

The Miquel Y Costas & Miquel Group manufactures the Smoking Brand and Pure Hemp Rolling Papers with Smoking being established in 1879 in Spain and has become a firm favourite in Europe.

OCB Smoking Papers date back to 1822 in France but it was not till 1918 that the brand began to be marketed on a global scale, 86 million packs were sold with-in 12 years and the USA being the major consumer.

Bambú Rolling Papers have been going since the late 1760’s and have been associated with various celebrities including the infamous Cheech & Chong. RAW are a fairly new company who specialize in Chlorine Free, Unbleached natural vegan smoking papers which as a result have the natural brown colour, no added chemicals and use natural hemp base glues.

ZIG ZAG Rolling Papers are well known in the USA and Canada, originally founded in France in 1879 and years later the two founding brothers invented the process of “inter-leaving rolling papers. What took off in the UK in the early 1980’s was to change how rolling papers can be used, RIPS® Rolling Papers became the first company to place rolling paper on roll, this new way of making your own size rolling cigarettes was a revolution with-in the industry and now RIPS® as well as other companies such as Elements, EZ Rolls, OCB, Smoking and many more now sell papers on a roll.

Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers are completely transparent and are becoming a worldwide brand, Highland Smoking Papers are from Scotland and have novel sayings printed onto the roach paper which comes with-in the packaging that also holds the rolling papers. Flavoured rolling papers have become more popular thanks to Juicy’s Jay Rolling Papers who have developed a Triple- Dipped Flavouring System which gives the user a real taste of fruits and drinks which taste amazing.

Merchandising rolling papers is something quite new, celebrities such as Snoop Dog and the legendary Bob Marley have ranges of smoking papers for sale with colourful packaging of images of themselves. With such a large choice of rolling papers brands to choose we have listed just a few we carry on our site and with the extensive array of varying materials on offer from Hemp, Rice, Flax, Wood Pulp, Transparent and Organic papers to the numerous sizes, thicknesses and widths it can be quite confusing to which cigarette rolling paper brands to try.

Like everything in life you need to try a few papers out in the size you like to roll with, once you have found your favourite then happy rolling to you all.

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