Cigarette Filter Tips have always and remain extremely popular for rolling your own rollies or for short RYO. In the last few years as menthol cigarettes have become increasingly popular so have Menthol Cigarette Filter Tips adding various strengths of mint flavour to your tobacco taste. Menthol filters are produced by most of the Smoking brands on the market including Mascotte Menthol filters and Swan Menthol filters. The packaging has been purposely made to fit into your every day life, so if you are traveling daily you can buy slim boxes which will hold the filters in clear through dispensing tubes. This will also ensure the menthol flavour stays fresh, right down to the last filter. For home use you can buy Menthol filter re-useable bags, the difference being they are more bulkier than a box but you tend to get more filters.

Mentholated Cigarette Filter Tips add flavour to whatever rolling tobacco you are using which tends to lead to a much cooler smoke especially when you are getting closer to the last bits of tobacco which can tend to dry up. The diameters of menthol filters tend to vary from 5.0mm to 6.00mm so you can be very precise when rolling up or using a rolling machine, ensuring you get the right size thickness of cigarette every time. Apart from the delicious flavour of mint using filters will also help stop harmful chemicals as well as stopping any unwanted tobacco reaching your month. If you really really love the taste of mint we also sell rolling papers which have also been flavoured with mint, Rips sell a roll of Mint Flavour Rips Rolling Papers which is over 13 feet of mint paper, all wrapped up in a paper roll for you to tear off at your desired length. You can also bulk buy your menthol cigarette filter tips in boxes or bags when you using our online UK website and receive the cheapest menthol cigarette filters on the internet.

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