Glass Smoking Filter Tips are available in an array of different colours, sizes and lengths, we have something for all rolling styles. Glass tips are very popular when using a blunt wrap, stops the blunt from getting soggy and keeps the blunt in the right shape when you first rolled, plus provides a smoother enjoyable smoke. Roor glass tips are especially popular wth blunt smokers in the UK, Europe and the USA as their German glass blowers are revered for their high quality work, creative style and unquie designs. Glass tips can be used with most rolling papers, but in our opinion work best with kingsize and kingsize slim papers, the smaller papers such as Regular and One & Quarter Papers tend to be too short for the length of the glass tip. Using a glass smoking filter tip will cool your smoke down as you inhale, as well as stopping any loose tobacco from entering into your mouth. You can keep re-useing your glass tip time after time and being made from glass they are really easy to clean. Our collection of glass tips vary in length, diameter and design including hand-blown tips which are made with high grade borosilicate glass, they do not heat up and are extremely durable. If you are looking for premium branded glass filter tips we have a great selection for you to choose from.

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