Gone are the days when you had to break the cardboard open, get the cone shape right and cross then your fingers all will turn out all right! Cone tips have had a revolution over the last few years with brands such as Raw and Elements leading the way with chlorine free, hemp, unbleached card using tree free environmentally friendly production methods. There are several different ways for you to buy cone tips; from the traditional filter to pack to the newer ‘match box dispenser’ where the cones are already pre-rolled and ready to use. So why use cone Tips? If you like ‘soggy’ ends, slobbery – wet – you get the picture and you don’t fancy inhaling the contents of the cone or a cone that bends like the leaning tower of cone land, they carry on! But, if you are like me and you want an easy life and enjoy smoking smooth perfectly rolled cones, then cone tips are 100% the correct choice. Keep on Coning coners!

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