Blunt wraps need filter tips and at RPE we have sourced the best filter tips for you to roll your blunt with. Using a filter tip in your blunt will stop any material from being inhaled into your mouth, stops those soggy ends which no one likes, creates a nice platform for your fingers to hold on to and will give you a better all round smoking experience. Blunt Tips also known as blunt mouth pieces will also prevent you from burning your lips when your blunt gets low, so if you want a perfectly rolled blunt and satisfying smoke you definitely want to roach your blunt. By using blunt smoking tips you help yourself to roll your blunt a lot tighter which is important if you are not using a blunt roller, you want a uniformed, clean looking blunt otherwise it will not smoke correctly. Smoker Choice blunt tips are specifically designed for blunts and are very popular with our customers, another popular choice is glass tips which are available in variety of sizes and colours

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