What we hear a lot is “What is the difference between tips, filters and roaches?” Cigarette Filters are usually made from cotton or hemp and filter out the some of the smoke & harmful tars as you inhale, but not all, this gives you a smoother smoke. Tips & Roaches are made from strips of cardboard that you roll up to use as a filter. You roll the card up into a roll and place this onto your smoking paper as you would a filter. Both a filter and a tip/roach will stop the end of the rolling paper from becoming wet and soggy, both will add added strength to the ‘rollie’ and give your fingers something to hold onto.

Tips come in various sizes in today’s market, from large filter tips to slimline filters. Large filter tips tend to be used by smokers who prefer a ‘fat’ rollie and will buy filter tips that are 8mm in diameter and usually 15mm in length. Small tips or slim tips start from 5mm diameter and these are for ‘skinny’ roll ups which will contain a lot less rolling tobacco when rolled up.

What a tip/roach won’t do is stop any of the smoke or tars and tends to give you a harsher smoke depending on the tobacco you are using, plus if you don’t like the taste of tobacco in your mouth a filter is highly recommended. There are a number of brands that sell filters, Swan being one of the more famous and OCB do various thicknesses and lengths available in handy re-sealable bags.

There a numerous suppliers of tips/roaches, Quintessential Rolling Tips is a UK company formed in the early 90’s and base their core ethics around a high quality product which is environmentally conscious and fair trade. They use an array of materials from chlorine and unbleached card to being the only supplier to offer 100% pure hemp tips. Even their packaging is made from vegetable based inks and only 100% natural glues are used in the process and is completely recyclable. A Danish company called Smokers Choice came up with a novel idea to produce conical tips which use environmentally friendly coated paper, these tips are specifically designed for blunts. Most rolling paper brands such as RAW and Smoking offer a range of tips as well.

You can buy filter tips from rolling papers express in various formats including bags, boxes and loose tips as well in mulit-buy packs which are far more cost effective in the long run and offer cheap filter tips without compromising the quality of the tips. Buying filter tips online from RPE is very simple, you can either create an account or not and buy from your mobile device, laptop or desktop. Our site is mobile friendly and you are never more than three clicks away from a product. We take all major credit cards as well as Pay Pal, plus all online orders before 2pm are sent out for next day delivery. The range of filters for rolling papers of all sizes is immense and we have created info-graphics as well as detailed content explaining the variations between the major brands of filters that we offer.

We also sell cigarette filters online in bulk, this way you can bulk buy filter tips at a much cheaper price than buying single packets or bags of filter tips. All our cigarettes filter tips that we sell can be bought this way so you can choose what is your preferred option. When you buy cigarette filters there is such a wide choice, most brands that we sell including Mascotte cigarette filters, Zen cigarette filters, Swan cigarette filters and others have various sizes of width, diameter and length to choose from as well as organic filters. You can buy filter bags which will be loose in the bag or packaged smoking filters that come in tubes with-in the box for easing dispensing. Buying cigarette filters online is very easy and convenient from RPE, plus buying filters from RPE you have such a wide choice, something that the shops and supermarkets don’t offer their customers.

We sell cheap cigarette filters in the UK as we buy in bulk and can offer you the best prices on the internet. This does not effect the quality of the filters, if you take the ever popular cigarette filters Swan the quality is the same as buying from a shop so don’t be concerned as too why RPE is cheaper than any other online website. We just bulk buy our cigarette filters and offer the discounts to our customers. A lot of smokers use smoking filters for smoking a joint with a filter tip which has the same effect as using the filter for your standard rolling tobacco which is gaining a lot of popularity with-in the cannabis community.

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